Cucumber nursery Vitom takes 13 new Berkvens GL-D pipe rail trolleys into use

The Westland cucumber nursery Vitom has recently taken a major step by purchasing no fewer than 13 new pipe rail trolleys from Steenks Service. Vitom, located in De Lier (The Netherlands), now has a brand new fleet. In 2017, this cucumber nursery switched from cherry tomatoes to cucumbers and is now also a grower of Green Diamonds. In 2021 Vitom has a cultivation area of 29,000 m², so new pipe rail trolleys are very welcome!

Switch to brand new GL-D pipe rail trolleys
Vitom already had existing pipe rail trolleys, but these eventually had to be replaced after years of use. “The previous trolleys were 10 years old and started to need maintenance more and more. The batteries also deteriorated, so we wanted to get everything right again so we get as little downtime as possible " says Rob Groenewegen of Vitom.

These new machines have been in use for some time now and are really liked so far. “The new pipe rail trolleys look really strong and drive nice and fast”. The closed drive of this new GL-D pipe rail trolley series also ensures that there is less chance of rope getting between the wheels. “All employees are very happy with it.”

New Berkvens pipe rail trolley series
The new pipe rail trolleys delivered to Vitom are completely new models. For example, the new GL-D pipe rail trolley series was launched in February 2021, together with the latest models from Berg Hortimotive. This new generation of pipe rail trolleys comply with the latest required laws and regulations and various innovations have been implemented. “The new pipe rail trolleys have been developed in such a way that they require little maintenance and are easy to use, so that crop protection work can be carried out as efficiently as possible. The GL-D series is supplied in two different platform heights, namely 350 cm and 500 cm. This makes these new pipe rail trolleys ideal for any vegetable grower who wants to carry out crop activities in their greenhouse.” says Wouter Steenks of Steenks Service.

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