Thermeta - Flue gas condenser

for increased efficiency

Thermeta Service BV is there for you with respect to improvement of the efficiency of your combustion plant. One of the best options for increasing this efficiency is to install a flue gas condenser. The flue gas condenser transfers heat from the flue gases, which usually disappear outside through the chimney, to the water of a separate group.

The flue gas condenser operates as follows: The flue gases are transferred along the pipes that have bars for increasing the heated surface and herewith transfer heat to the cooling water that is transferred through the pipes. The flue gas condenser can cool the flue gases to 40 °C or lower without any problems. The colder the condenser system, the further the flue gases are cooled and the higher the condenser efficiency. Therefore the condenser must be connected to a heating system with temperatures of max. 40 °C for high efficiency; the savings will be lower with higher temperatures. The savings provided by a condenser may be 4% to 15%, dependent on the boiler flue gas temperature and the return temperature of the condenser system. The flue gas condenser is, among other things, applicable in combination with ground/floor heating, low-temperature heating system, return water of the heating boiler, boiler supply water from a steam boiler and other systems that can be supplied with relatively low temperatures. Please contact Thermeta Service b.v. for any applications and advice with respect to your system.

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