Secure your greenhouse, Protect your people, Install Agrolys WH FR

Agrolys WH FR, the very first halogen-free, flame-retardant reflective woven groundcover.

In horticulture, growing the best possible crops is just as important as protecting your workforce and investments. With our new Agrolys White FR groundcover, you can. It’s the world’s first halogen-free (i.e. completely harmless to humans) agro textiles. Its reflective nature increases crop growth, while its flame-retardant properties help protect your people as well as your assets in case of fire.

Agrolys® WH FR takes a broad look at all kinds of environmental and health factors. Fire safety is one aspect, but most important this groundcover is harmless as it is halogen-free. This makes it Agrolys perfectly harmless for contact with humans. At the end of use, our groundcover is 100% recyclable.

Beaulieu Technical Textiles is a global woven fabrics expert for horticulture. High performant white groundcovers optimally reflect light in greenhouses. They result in uniform growth of crops.
Pioneering as halogen-free flame-retardant reflective groundcover:

•  Flame-retardant, complies with the following fire safety standards:
      •  (NL)   NTA 8825    -  CLASS 1
      •  (EU)   EN13501-1  -  CLASS B S1 
      •  (USA) NFPA 701    -  National Fire Protection Standards

•  Meets all ISO and ASTM agricultural standards for woven groundcovers
•  Fully recyclable
•  High reflection 
•  Available in 100gr/m² or 130gr/m2 

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