New pipe rail trolleys according to the latest European laws and regulations (CE) ! ( With Video )

Steenks Service launched two new types of pipe rail trolleys of the brands Berg Hortimotive and Berkvens Greenhouse Mobility. The Benomic S-Line series was developed by Berg Hortimotive and the GL-D series was developed by Berkvens. These new pipe rail trolleys comply with the latest required European laws and regulations and are therefore ready for sale at home and abroad.

In several interviews Wouter Steenks, co-owner of Steenks Service, mentioned that these developments were not only prompted by new European standards, but also by trying to meet the latest wishes of customers. “Berg Hortimotive and Berkvens have been very busy with the development of a user-friendly and approved model. Innovations are also constantly taking place; as a supplier you always want to meet the latest wishes of customers” said Wouter Steenks.

Innovative and futureproof pipe rail trolleys

Wouter Steenks: “Both brands strive for the most maintenance-friendly trolley with the best user-friendliness within the new European laws and regulations. These pipe rail trolleys are also very easy to keep clean thanks to its good constructions. The pipe rail trolleys from Berg Hortimotive and Berkvens are equipped with a double gate and the smallest model can reach up to 350 cm. ”

Developed for the maintenance of vegetable crops

“The new pipe rail trolleys have been developed for the maintenance of vegetable crops, such as eggplants, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes. Pipe rail trolleys are widely used for maintenance work in greenhouses. For example, a pipe rail trolley is indispensable during crop rotations or repairs. Overall, pipe rail trolleys are used every day in greenhouses.” said Wouter Steenks.

For more information about these machines, you can reach Steenks Service at; or call +31 (0) 174 510 266 

Benomic S-Line:

GL-D serie:

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