New innovative dip containers from Steenks Service

Photo: the dip containers in production (left) and Wouter Steenks next to the end products (right).


Since 2019, Steenks Service has been offering special dip containers that can be connected to any pipe rail trolley. With these dip containers, also called sanitizer bins, greenhouse employees can constantly disinfect their hands thanks to the disinfectant contained in the dip containers. This ensures that you can work more hygienically.

The containers are also made of sturdy material that is resistant to chemicals. Wouter Steenks of Steenks Service: “This dip container is made of high-quality stainless steel 316, which makes the container resistant to all disinfectants.” This dip container contains a disinfectant with which a user has to clean his hands every time. "This dip container ensures that you can work even more hygienically in the greenhouse and that you can strongly combat the spread of viruses." continues Wouter.

The operation of the dip container
The new Steenks Service dip container has a universal suspension system, so that the dip container can be mounted on any brand and type of pipe rail trolley. When this dip  container is placed, a time control can be set. This time control ensures that the pipe rail trolley stops automatically after a pre-set time. As a result, the user is forced to disinfect his hands in the dip container. Only when this has happened will the pipe rail trolley be able to continue driving. Furthermore, this dip container is equipped with a level control, so that the level of the disinfectant never falls below the desired level.

Machines for horticulture and industry
In addition to supplying dip containers, Steenks Service also specializes in machines for horticulture and industry. For example, Steenks Service delivered a Stefix 95 sweeper/suction machine to Van der Horst from Poeldijk. Thanks to this machine, this spraying and painting company for heating pipes in horticulture can keep its work floor in the factory hall clean.

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