Nedap Velos Sorting

Nedap Agri introduced the Velos sorting system onto the market based on the awareness that efficient management is an absolute condition for future proof pig husbandry. Until now, Nedap Velos offered applications specifically for sow husbandry. However, Nedap Agri now also offers solutions for producers of finishing pigs: Nedap Velos Sorting.

Nedap Velos Sorting enables finishing pigs to be raised in large, social groups, where each pig still receives the individual attention it needs. The animals can express their natural behaviour, while at the same time still achieve optimal individual performance. The sorting concept helps pig producers like you perform the individual management of finisher pigs faster, more efficiently and more accurately. You no longer need to bring the right feed to the finishers. The animals visit the sorting station whenever they feel like eating. The system registers the weight of the pig and uses this data to guide the animal to the right type of feed. The result: optimised use of the available feed and maximised growth potential. As Nedap Velos Sorting registers the weight and activity of the pig at each visit to the feed station, the pig producer always has up to date insight into the health of each, individual animal. With Nedap Velos Sorting you can also separate the animals based on accurate information for delivery to the slaughterhouse.

The sorting station offers a closed weighing unit, use of bright colours and a sorting door with an animal friendly construction. These features ensure the animals can enter and move through the sorting station in safety. Nedap Velos offers pig producers user-friendly automation systems. The Velos platform operates independently and is web-based. You can use Nedap Velos without having to install any PC software. The user decides where and how to control the system - via PC, PDA or tablet PC; all options are open. Sharing the data collected by the system with other stakeholders such as the slaughterhouse, breeder, veterinarian or feed supplier is also possible. Thanks to the web integration feature offered by Nedap Velos, all the decisions are in your hands.

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