Mixtron volumetric dosing pumps

The global development of intensive farming, greenhouses and hydroponic cultivation, calls for high precision and extremely reliable dosing of fertilizers and pesticides.

Dosers MX.950 – 1100 – 1300 are equipped with a built-in bypass in order to protect the motor internal components from aggressive substances, that can jeopardize its functioning. They are also equipped with an internal mixer which results in optimal homogenization.

Installed directly on the water supply line, our dosing pumps work without electricity and are powered by the water flow. The water activates the pump, which takes up the required percentage of additive and injects it into the outlet line.

Today Mixtron represents the evolution of dosing pumps in terms of reliability, robustness and precision. Thanks to a new design and the implementation of technologies already available on the market, Mixtron guarantees top quality levels and the production chain is optimised by robotic assembly and test systems.

More information: www.ugaatbouwen.com/mixtron-srl


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