Lely offers new tank cleaning products

With the introduction of the Lely Frigus Lin and Lely Frigus Cid, Lely has taken a next step in offering complete cleaning solutions for milking equipment on the dairy farm.

Too many cases of contamination of milk occur in the milk tank. Farmers can only clean tanks when they are empty while often using temperatures between 45 and 70°C, which is clearly not enough to kill bacteria. The new cleaning products are developed to reduce the risk of milk contamination in the milk tank.

Depending on the technical specifications of the milk tank installation, the farmer now has the choice to specify the required cleaning solution with Lely Frigus Lin and Lely Frigus Cid. Considerations include the environment, organic livestock farming, technical possibilities and the requirements imposed by authorities and the dairy factory. 

The new cleaning products are the result of combining knowledge gained throughout the years in cleaning the milking equipment as well as offering a safe and secure solution for farmers. Lely Frigus Lin and Lely Frigus Cid also comply with future European legislation.

More Information: www.lely.com/press/2019/04/29/lely-offers-new-tank-cleaning-products