Key Features / Metrics

Using the highest density using the two-netpot piece the plant spacing is: vertically 30cm, horizontally 15cm. You can always use spacer pieces for larger plants either to just have one complete closed ring segment or alternate with them. There will be a piece with one centered net pot. Using the one netpot piece vertical space can be increased to 30cm between your plants.

The diameter of a vertical barrel is always 57cm. We always use 6 of our adapter parts to assemble one full stackable ring segment.

There are 4 different positions to stack the ring segments on top of each other. Each ring segment adds 15cm of high. The number of ring segments you stack is always variable.

Flow rate per vertical barrel ~2l/min (max 5l/min). And we always run irrigation on a timer, usually max once every hour during daytime and only 2-3 times during night time.

Example barrel: 12 ring segments (built from 72 adapter parts) plus top lid irrigation and base provides 144 grow spaces and is 2m high. if you add 2 more ring segments height (you need 12 more ring segment pieces) will be 2.3m providing 168 grow spaces. Irrigation does not change.

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