Kaléo - Energy by Richel

Richel Group offers a highly innovative, low-temperature condensing heating system. 

The Kaléo boiler is economical, easy to install and highly energy-efficient heating system for horticulture. Highly compact and modular it can be installed either inside or outside the greenhouse. Made up of several stainless steel heat exchangers, each unit offers a wide range of loads and secures heat production. Combined with a low-temperature distribution network, the Kaléo boiler makes it possible to heat your crops efficiently at an affordable price. 



• Controlled investment 

• Low installation cost 

• Equipment delivered ready to plug in 

• No need to build a heating control room or a dedicated water tank 

• Highly compact installation



• Stainless steel condensing boiler 

• No acidification of the feed-water 

• Closed, stable water loop 

• Optimum energy efficiency (up to 108%)



• Several heat exchangers per module guarantee consistent heat production 

• Possible to have the various heat exchangers operate in sequence, for enhanced modularity



• Compact frame installed in an insulated, waterproof casing made of galvanised metal • Stainless steel heat collector 

• Distribution pump installed on the frame 

• Natural gas or propane burner 

• 2 m stainless steel flue (dia 200 mm) 

• Control: Integrated regulation on the frame, can be controlled via the greenhouse’s climate control unit.
  Temperature of heating water precisely controlled by the unit itself. Option of autonomous regulation 

• Option of CO2 recovery (coming soon) 

• Installation inside or outside the greenhouse

• Dimensions of the 250 kW module : L1485 mm x W1300 mm x H1340 mm

More information: www.richel-group.com