ITB Climate - GreenVent Air Handling Unit

25% Energy Savings and Dehumidification for Horticulture

GreenVent Climate Concept for Horticulture
Dehumidification is essential for the climate control in greenhouses. High humidity increases the risk of mould and other diseases and reduce the quality and quantity of the production. The dehumidification method by ventilation in combination with heat recovery is the most economical, practical and energy-saving method.

Air dehumidification using heat recovery technology
The ITB GreenVent is an air handling unit that sustainably preheats incoming ventilation air. ITB achieves this through the heat exchange between the warm exhaust air that is extracted from the greenhouse and the incoming ventilation air. Two heat recovery techniques are used. A tube heat exchanger and air mixing system that retains (some of) the CO2 containing air in the greenhouse.

25% energy savings through heat recovery
The preheated incoming ventilation air can be heated to exactly the required temperature with a coated heating coil. Energy savings of up to 25% can be achieved by recovering heat energy from the greenhouse and using it to preheat the incoming ventilation air. Distributing this air evenly over the greenhouse results in a homogenous climate that is controlled in an energy friendly way. 

Consistent climate with no additional patches of shade
GreenVent extracts the greenhouse air via a plastic duct located in the greenhouse roof ridge. This approach avoids patches of shade in the greenhouse. A balanced distribution system with perforated air hoses ensures even distribution of the incoming ventilation air through the greenhouse or under the growing gutter, creating a consistent climate in all areas of the greenhouse. The GreenVent air handling units are compatible with most brands of control equipment. The plug-and-play design means that the air handling unit is easy to install. The GreenVent units are made entirely from recyclable plastic. This that they are sustainable and guarantees a long lifespan.

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