Grow better with Freshlight!

Freshlight develops and produces innovative LED-light­ing with the unique combination of full-spectrum sunlight and powerful ionisation. The full spectrum sunlight en­sures that the plant will grow better and that it is able to absorb more nutrients. The combination of full spectrum and frequency-free light ensures the most efficient photosynthesis. The ionization ensures that the air is cleaned of particles, viruses and bacteria and the spread of fungi such as Botrytis and Fusarium is effectively controlled.  The lighting of Freshlight produces 200 lumens per recorded Watt (max. 3,6 μM p/watt). The light is frequency-free, and the drivers are interchangeable for a longer lifespan. 

In addition to innovative LED lighting, Freshlight has also developed Freshwater. Freshwater ionizes water. Due to the structuring and ionization of the water, the charge of water molecules is converted with the result that water is split into smaller particles. This allows water to absorb more oxygen, minerals, and nutrients. Plants, animals, and people benefit from increased hydration and a more effi­cient absorption of nutrients. “Structured” water increas­es the biological availability of nutrients while decreasing the pathogen pressure at the same time.

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