Grodan Vitaflor

Grodan, supplier of innovative substrate solutions for the greenhouse horticulture sector, has introduced a new stone wool slab for professional Rose-growers: The Grodan Vitaflor. This multi-season slab is the successor to the well-known and widely trusted, WFL - The standard slab used by Rose-growers for many years. Thanks to the Next Generation Substrates® technology applied and the improved fibrous structure, the Grodan Vitaflor delivers all the strengths and advantages offered by the WFL, as well as the benefits of several new features. These range from easy irrigation and rapid drainage, to extra firmness for a long life cycle and a uniform distribution of water, nutrients and oxygen. Rooting has also been visibly improved. This results in a more vital crop with extra vigour.

The Grodan Vitaflor is the ideal solution for the Rose-grower who requires a slab that allows easy watering, in which, roots can utilise the entire volume and with sturdiness and good drainage qualities to offer assurance throughout the cultivation period.

A summary of the advantages
Due to the incorporation of thicker fibres, the Grodan Vitaflor has a lower maximum saturation level: the slab, therefore, has a drier nature. As a result, the Water Content always remains within a safe range, under all circumstances, and is less likely to reach excessive levels. Even following extensive watering, the slab drains quickly. Efficient EC replacement and pH regulation is therefore also guaranteed at low crop transpiration levels.

As the Grodan Vitaflor comprises more and thicker fibres that are also better connected to each other, the slab has unparalleled compression strength. This sturdiness, coupled with the lower maximum saturation level, guarantees that there is a good balance between water and oxygen in the substrate, even after several cultivation years.

The combination of the Next Generation Substrates® technology and the improved fibrous structure leads to a uniform distribution of water, nutrients and oxygen throughout the depth of the slab. The slab drains rapidly along the bottom, so that sufficient oxygen can enter and the top is never too dry. The result is a healthy root system, dispersed throughout the substrate: The ideal basis for a vigorous crop.

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