EMPAS spraying unit

EMPAS frequency controlled spraying unit

The central spraying unit is controlled by a frequency regulator which regulates the pressure at all times ensuring it to be constantly the same on each nozzle. Even when an extra lance is suddenly connected and a large volume is required. Any pressure drop will be noticed immediately and the pump will be push a higher volume of liquid into the system to reach the pre-set pressure. If one sprayer closes the lance, the pressure will raise but as a result the regulator will reduce the activity of the pump in order to stabilise the pressure. The pump stops automatically when all valves are closed or when the tank runs dry.

- The pump works only when needed.
- The number of revolutions of the pump will be adjusted automatically to the desired water quantity.
- The adjusted pressure and volume stays exactly constant.
- No pumping around of the excess volume which is the case in normal spraying units, no unnecessary
  warm-up of the spray-liquid.
- The pump cannot run dry because of the automatic safety measures.
- Constant pressure at the nozzle bodies at all times and so a much better spray pattern is achieved.
- Saves on energy costs.
- Saves on maintenance costs.

More information: www.empas.nl