Diffused High Transmittance Horticulture Glass is Your Right Choice

Mengyin Newboom Glass Co.,Ltd. is Professional Manufacturer of Diffused Glass, onto low-iron ultra-white rolled patterned glass, cover the glass both-side by dip AR-coating with unique Sol- Gel technology, to reduce the light reflection and increase the light transmission extremely. 

Diffuses, or scatters horizontal & vertical sunlight distribution better in greenhouse, much less shadow effect more even climate and growth. 

Scattered light penetrates deeper into the crop canopy and the plant temperature at the top of the crop in strong sunlight is lower, this means there are fewer high peaks in leaf and flower temperature ,resulting in reduced plants stress. 

Penetrates deeper into the crops, exposes a larger leaf surface to light so that plants are better able to absorb more CO2 that is then converted into assimilates for growth ,production and quality. Studies by Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture have revealed that 5-10% higher production is feasible. 

Each extra percentage of light in greenhouse means a greater yield, the rule of thumb “1% more light means 1% more production”. 

High light transmission of diffused glass with an innovative Sinso-Gel AR-coating glass that guarantees a maximum crop yield. 

More information: www.ugaatbouwen.com/mengyin-newboom-glass-coltd