Cuddle box

A newborn calf is the future of your herd and a fresh cow is the start of a new lactation. Definitely something to care for! All the more reason to manage the calving period well. In real life we all experience certain areas that might need improvement. The Cuddle box creates the perfect conditions for this important first phase.

Most dairy men are aware of the calving protocol but deviate from this due to less than perfect circum- stances. The Cuddle box, installed in the calving pen, creates the optimal conditions. For manager, cow and calf! All activities related to calving can be done safely, hygienic and with a minimum of stress for all.

The Cuddle box consists of a calf- and cow section. In the calf section the newborn calf is situated in a hygienic area surrounded by detachable lightweight plastic panels that are easy to clean.

The cow, located in the separate cow section, has easy access to the calf and is able to lick the calf dry and eat silage. The telescopic and rotating side rails provide an easy entrance for the cow. By pulling the locking cord the manager can easily close the rear barrier behind the cow and lock her in.

Preferably the Cuddle box is installed in line with the side gate of the calving pen, arranged in such a way that the manager has no need to enter the calving pen to milk the fresh cow. The side rails allow for easy access of the udder and ensure a safe and complete milking – from the clean side.

Originally conceptualized by Vetvice, a team of veterinarians that strive for a maximum health and well-being of human and animal, the Cuddle box has been further developed and engineered by Spinder.

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