Automated draw gate: Autolift

Many of the processes in dairy husbandry have already been automated. This is however not the case for cow traffic management. The farmer still has to open and close the gates himself. Autolift automatically moves several cow traffic gates into certain positions to determine the desired route for a chosen group of animals. This system is controlled via an app, which knows all the configurations for cow traffic on your farm.

So what is new?
Automatic gates that are operated separately already exist. Autolift adds configurations for cow traffic that can be used to control all the gates involved as part of the cow traffic system.

To start with, all desired cow traffic configurations are programmed into the Autolift app, determining open and closed positions for all these gates. This system enables you to select a configuration with the app on your smartphone. All the gates concerned will now be in the desired position and cow traffic can be set in motion. If the farmer then chooses a different configuration, the gates will automatically facilitate another cow route.

The system is easy to use and saves labour and time. The physical labour of moving gates is now replaced by pressing a button on your smartphone. This has changed cow traffic from a purely operational task to simple and easy management.

The gates
The gates of the Autolift system are robustly constructed draw-up gates which move up and down automatically. Draw-up gates are the least susceptible to being blocked by animals. When the gate goes up, the animals in the neighbourhood will back away, and when the gates come down, the animals that happen to be below the gate will sense this and get out of the way. The materials used are robust and strong and able to withstand the force the animals exert on them for many years.

When the gate is open, its position is easily high enough for a tractor to pass under it. Thanks to the app's remote control function, the tractor driver can simply remain seated in his cab. A gate can be open so high that it can be difficult to lower a gate manually, but with the remote control it doesn't take any effort at all.

Where should the system be used?
The larger the farm, the more relevant and time-consuming the walking distances are. This can result in (expensive) milking equipment standing idle, which of course costs money. Autolift increases productivity! Because less physical effort is required., the work also becomes more pleasant. That is why the Autolift has earned a place on all livestock farms, large and small.

Safety and error handling
Each gate is equipped with a number of buttons that allow the system to be bypassed and the gates to be operated where they are. Motors can be easily disconnected and gates can be operated manually. A safety setting limits the traction capacity of the motors. 

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