3D Plant LightingTM by SpectraGrow – A New Approach to Photon Uniformity on Vertical Barrels, Walls and Towers

Controlled environment farmers need the right amount of light on every plant in their facility without wasting energy, as uniformity of light impacts crop growth and flowering consistency and diffusion and direction of light impact canopy penetration and photosynthesis.

When using high-density growing technologies such as vertical barrels, walls and towers, this means ensuring that plants at the bottom, middle and tops of the structures are all getting appropriate light throughout the growth cycle of the plant canopy.  Unfortunately, horizontal 2D approaches can create extreme hot-spots and cold-spots on these structures and vertical 2D approaches can impede farming operations.

By leveraging advances in optically engineered materials and 3D simulation tools, SpectraGrowTM Precision LED Systems uniformly distribute – both horizontally and vertically – the optimal quantity of photons to enable improved yields, greater consistency and operational efficiency, and less wasted energy.

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