2nd Edition of the Vertical Farming Webinar with live crops after surpassing the maximum capacity

Two days after the start of the registration deadline, it has been reached the maximum number of attendees in the First Webinar about Vertical Farming in Spain, scheduled for June 17th. Due to the interest that the event has generated, Etifa has decided to organize a second edition with the same contents for the following week, on June 24th, because a lot of people pre-registered after reaching the maximum capacity of 100 attendees. This event will be also broadcasted from the inside of actual Vertical Farming facilities with live crops. As a novelty, and thanks to this fact, the attendees of the second edition will be able to watch the first phase of the crop development, as the attendees of the first edition will watch the last phase, just before the harvest. 

Thereby, and in an exceptional way, the webinar will be repeated a second time because of the high demand that has occasioned this training about Protected Vertical Farming, a new agricultural technique which focuses on environmentally friendly and high yield productions. 

Once again, José Manuel Sánchez and Ismael Salar, engineers who have developed the facilities from which is broadcasted the webinar, will be the speakers who will explain all the keys of the Vertical Farming. In the same way, Alfonso González, coordinator of Etifa, the entity which organizes the webinars, will be the moderator, and the person who will transmit to the speakers the queries of the round of questions at the end of the speech. 

The event will last one and a half hour, and it will take place 17:00 p.m. on June 24th (Europe/Madrid time zone). Attendees are up to 100, the register is free and it can be done in Etifa’s webpage: www.etifa.com/webinar-el-cultivo-vertical-protegido-2o-edicion/