HORTILOGICS® | The smart way forward

Your full-service partner for smart logistics in cultivation, harvesting and produce processing.

International horticulture is facing major challenges. Upscaling, increasing delivery- & quality guarantees, food safety & traceability and scarcity & rising costs of labor raise high demands on primary producers and their business processes. The rising need of robotics and data-driven tools are creating a growing demand for turn-key solutions for internal logistics. With a team of experienced industry specialists, HORTILOGICS offers one-stop shopping and a single point of contact for design, realization and maintenance of combined smart logistics systems for greenhouse and packing hall.

Unique proposition
HORTILOGICS stands for the realization of streamlined, future-proof internal logistics for horticultural companies in an environment that raise increasingly higher demands on efficiency and punctual delivery according to agreed specifications. “There is a need for a logistics specialist that offers integrated, data-driven solutions on a turn-key basis. That competence makes this joint venture unique,” says John van Gils, Business Manager at HORTILOGICS. The strength of HORTILOGICS lies in unburdening producers, packers, investors and greenhouse builders by early involvement in new construction or renovation. Acting from the 3P core values of HORTILOGICS: Performance, Passion and Pragmatic.