The new generation of plant nutrition measurement technology

With the COMBI 5000 by STEP Systems GmbH in the hand, you can check the most important parameters such as pH value, EC value, activity, moisture and temperature, in order to determine the nutritional status of your plant stock professionally and quickly.

All measurements can be carried out both in the (nutrient) solution and/or soil suspension but also directly in the soil or substrate. This way, the plant producer can detect a deficiency or surplus of nutrients at an early stage and react in a targeted manner to ensure a good development of the crop. 

The new HPT probe enables simultaneous measurement of air temperature, humidity and air pressure. The integrated sensor technology is highly precise and has a very fast response time. Like all COMBI 5000 sensors, the air temperature and humidity sensor is automatically recognised by a special coding as soon as it is connected to the basic unit. The HPT sensor is especially important in greenhouse cultivation with ventilation and shading installations.

The basic unit has an integrated data logger, which records all measurements. Using the USB cable, all data stored in the device can be transferred to a computer.

The measurement data can be evaluated by the COMBI 5000 App or with the supplied table of optimal values for different plants. The COMBI 5000 takes the predicate "Made in Germany" and the associated high quality standards into account in every way.

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