6 years of completely clean cultivation floors thanks to the Stefix 135 ( With Video ! )

In 2016, the Stefix 135 suction sweeper was launched at IPM Essen by Steenks Service and years later this machine is still a great international success. Many different growers, from tree nurseries to plant breeders, use this machine. With the help of the Stefix 135 it was possible to make cultivation floors completely clean and dust-free, without damaging your floors.

Its special design is one of the many success factors of the Stefix 135. This machine has been specially designed to clean uneven areas. Think of the MyPex anti-root cloth that is used to cover a cultivation floor.

Development of the Stefix 135
Previously, the particulate matter was cleaned up by workers themselves using leaf blowers or brooms. This had the disadvantage that it was very time-consuming and not hygienic at all. The use of leaf blowers or brooms caused the blown-up dust to descend on the surrounding crops.

To solve this problem, Steenks Service introduced the Stefix 135. This ride-on cloth sweeper simply sucks up the dust and has wide wheels that do not damage the cloth. In addition to particulate matter, other waste is also swept up, such as remaining seeds and other dirt. The Stefix 135 has a capacity of no less than 10,000 m² per hour and, thanks to the special track of the wheels, leaves no traces.

More compact option
For growers who don’t need to use a sweeper as often, the Stefix 73 is a good alternative. This compact walk-behind machine is smaller in size and has a capacity of 3,400 m² per hour. 

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