Kassenbouw is sent by post to growers within the greenhouse horticultural sector who have recently applied for planning permission
or who have indicated in our survey that they have plans to invest in the construction of greenhouses within one or two years throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

Kassenbouw informs you about the latest developments in the fields of construction and renovation of greenhouses

  • Automation
  • Substrates
  • Biological cropprotection
  • Horticulture
  • Climate management
  • Lighting
  • Greenhouse construction
  • Logistics

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Marius Mans of Mans Flowers abou...

At Mans Flowers, water is supplied precisely, based on the transpiration of the plant. Grower Marius Mans believes controlling by drain percentage is extremely important. The drain water is collected, heated and recycled because sustainability is a distinctive feature of this horticultural company.

Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics sp...

Bogaerts is a major player in the development and manufacturing of machines and accessories for today’s professional greenhouse industry on the international market. All design and engineering is done in-house using the latest 3D-technology.

The first Dutch climate screen w...

Responding to the growing demand for a high-quality alternative, Ridder Climate Screens stepped into the dynamic world of greenhouse climate screens in February 2015. More and more greenhouse builders, installers and growers were looking for a new screen supplier that could compete with the offerings available at the time.

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