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No more worrying about my ventilation!

Pig farmer Louis Klomp is very positive about the Thomas® system in his barn. At the end of 2017 a major expansion was carried out at the Klomp pig holding in Moergestel (NL). Since the expansion the company has 1200 sows and about 6,000 weaners, and there is another barn in Heukelom with just under 6,000 fattening pigs.


The Autocare concept is a moving trolley that automatically vaccinates piglets. The piglet is guided towards a conveyor belt. This belt is run thanks to laser sensors that precisely place the piglet where the intra-cutaneous syringe is.

Besides producing pig feeders, floor heating elements and piglet covers, Verba from Holland also supplies plastic sheets and HPL sheets for many years

Their highly versatile LDPE and HDPE plastic sheeting is available in a range of thicknesses. The sheets can be given various common finishes including a smooth surface, studded or diamond structure, coloured film or a robust, rubber anti-slip top layer. This type of sheeting is widely used in the agricultural sector.

New: Gelfoam mattress with 3 core layers

Agriprom introduces a new cow mattress with a core of three layers: 100% Latex, Gelfoam and Ecorub. The combination of high elastic gel and Energetic Ecolatex® guarantees perfect weight distribution and comfort. The mattress moves along with the legs and heels of the cow resulting in fewer leg problems.

Bienvenido a UGB

Creador y editor del concepto de "U Gaat Bouwen" desde 1991, Weert (Holanda). Comunicados en los sectores de la construcción de efecto invernadero, la horticultura, la ganadería de vivienda, de demolición y de la construcción privada.

Presentación en el sitio de internet revista con enlace a su propio sitio BASE DE DATOS mensual de los planes de inversión, permanente comunicarse con su próximo cliente!

Hemos trabajado con UGB desde el principio y han ayudado a construir nuestro negocio para el tamaño que tiene hoy en día. El fácil acceso a nuestros futuros clientes ha sido la clave de nuestro crecimiento.

CEO, Compañía de efecto invernadero

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